Hospice care is an option if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness where there are no curative options or treatment side effects outweigh the benefits. The goal is to make a pet's final weeks or months more pleasant.  Western medicine is stopped and only TCVM care is given.   


Palliative care begins at diagnosis of a serious illness and uses a combination of Western and TCVM medicine to stop suffering and help both the animal and care giver manage the disease.  

To help make the pet more comfortable we are able to offer a variety options. 

  • We offer alternative care such as acupuncture, PEMF, herbs and supplements

  • We can prescribe appropriate pain medication 

  • We can offer suggestions, supplements or medications that can help stimulate appetite

  • We talk about mobility support equipment and how to prepare your home properly 

  • Administration of subcutaneous fluids and vitamin B12

  • Bandaging or chronic wound care

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Our hospice service can include a full Reiki session. For those not familiar with it, Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the patient and activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body, thus restoring physical and emotional well-being. The powerful healing energy of Reiki can bring on a bevy of benefits for pets as well as their owners. Benefits for pets may include: Alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness and producing a state of calm. Increasing energy levels and overall well-being. This energy connection with the pet can also open a channel of communication and help us understand what the pet is feeling and where they are at in their final transition process.  In addition to the Reiki session your pet will also receive a full history, exam, consultation and first treatment with Dr. Amanda and a written hospice plan is given to the owner and might include any of the above treatment options. We also talk about how to evaluate the quality of life. This visit is $300 with Reiki and $200 if you prefer without Reiki. 


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In-home euthanasia allows you to say good bye to your beloved pet in the comfort of your home, surrounded by loved ones.  Our euthanasia process starts out with a Reiki session.  The powerful healing energy of Reiki can bring on a bevy of benefits for pets as well as their owners. End of life Reiki helps allevate anxiety, stress, nervousness and produce a state of calm while helping the pet make their final transition with ease and leaving the family members with a sense of peace. This energy connection with the pet can also open a channel of communication and better allow the owner to say their final goodbyes. After the reiki session a mild sedative is given to further relax the pet and make them comfortable before the final injection is given. This service is $300 + after care charges. 

After Care is provided by Resting Waters in Seattle. 

Resting Waters uses an Aquamation process – also referred to as bio cremation or water cremation – is more like natural decomposition than any other method of disposition. The Aquamation process uses gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity to accelerate our ecosystem’s natural method of breaking down and decomposing organic matter. A process that would naturally take months or years is reduced to just 20 hours. During that time, a combination of 95% warm water and 5% alkali gently rushes over the body.


At the end of the Aquamation process, your companion’s physical components have been returned to their natural elements, dispersed in water – with only the solid bone remaining, pathogen and disease free. In fact, viruses – and even chemicals such as cytotoxic drugs (e.g., chemotherapy drugs) – are broken down into basic nutrient elements, rendering them non-toxic. The mineral bone ash is returned in an urn to those who request take home remains. The water byproduct, known as effluent, is not only benign, but also beneficial. Returned to the environment, effluent is shown to improve municipal water systems. The effluent may also be used as a natural, chemical free fertilizer. (taken from Resting Waters website)

Individual Aquamation:

This option includes your choice of a scatter vessel,  sustainable wood urn in expresso or speciality urn (additional charge applies).


This option also includes remembrance items: clay paw, fur clipping, and ink paw print (you can opt not to receive these as well)


We return all remains directly back to you.  

Communal Aquamation: 

Ashes are scattered in Levenworth. 

Remembrance items package (one clay paw, fur clipping and ink paw print) can be purchased for $30 and can be picked up at Resting Waters or mailed to you ($15). 

Individual Aquamation

3-12 LBS              $225

13-25 LBS            $250

26-50 LBS            $300

51-75 LBS            $325

76-100 LBS          $375

101-150 LBS        $425

Communal Aquamation

3-12 LBS              $150

13-25 LBS            $170

26-50 LBS            $205

51-75 LBS            $225

76-100 LBS          $260

101-150 LBS        $300