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Hospice care is an option if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness where there are no curative options or treatment side effects outweigh the benefits. The goal is to make a pet's final weeks or months more pleasant.     


Palliative care begins at diagnosis of a serious illness and uses a combination of Western and TCVM medicine to stop suffering and help both the animal and care giver manage the disease.  

To help make the pet more comfortable we are able to offer a variety options. 

  • We offer alternative care such as acupuncture, PEMF, herbs and supplements

  • We can prescribe appropriate pain medication 

  • We can offer suggestions, supplements or medications that can help stimulate appetite

  • We talk about mobility support equipment and how to prepare your home properly 

  • Administration of subcutaneous fluids and vitamin B12

  • Bandaging or chronic wound care

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Our hospice service includes a full history, exam, consultation and first treatment with Dr. Amanda.  A hospice plan is presented to the owner and might include any of the above treatment options. We also talk about how to evaluate the quality of life. This visit is $300 and includes 2 hours of doctor time.  If herbs, supplements, medications are prescribed those would be additional. This also includes one follow-up email to check on pet and make any changes to plan as needed . 


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In-home euthanasia allows you to say good bye to your beloved pet in the comfort of your home, surrounded by loved ones.  A mild sedative is given to relax the pet and make them comfortable before the final injection is given. This service is $350 + after care charges. 

After Care is provided by Tacoma Mausoleum & Mortuary in Tacoma. 

Pet Loss Support:

Lap of Love provides free group support and also provides individual support.

Individual Cremation

  0-4 LBS              $132

  5-20 LBS            $170

21-65 LBS            $236

66-115 LBS          $304

116-185 LBS        $380

Communal Cremation

0-15 LBS              $24

15- 26LBS            $1

26-50 LBS            $

71-90 LBS            $78

90-100 LBS          $260

Individual Cremation:

This option includes a cedar urn with name engraved on top. 


This option also includes remembrance items: clay paw, fur clipping, and ink paw print (you can opt not to receive these as well)


We return all remains directly back to you.  

Communal Cremation: 

Ashes are scattered in Commencement Bay.

Remembrance items package (one clay paw, fur clipping and ink paw print) can be purchased for $35. 

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