Updated 2022 Rates:


Acupuncture First Visit and Consult (2hrs): $200

Electroacupuncture Follow-up Visit: $120
Follow up Acupuncture Visit (45min-1hr): $95

Exam/Herbal/Holistic Consult: $120(includes travel), Second pet at same house $95

PEMF treatment whole body (without the legs) HORSE: $75-$85

PEMF treatment of certain conditions or problems with the legs price will vary. 
PEMF whole body treatment DOG or CAT (There is an exam fee ($50) with first visit): $60/treatment

PEMF HUMAN (Kendra is certified to treat humans): $75/treatment
Addition of PEMF or Laser during an acupuncture treatment is $10 for dogs or cats.

Laser Treatment (There is an exam fee ($50) with the first visit if new patient): $40/treatment (10-20 mins)

Travel fee may apply if out of area: $25-$50

In home Hospice/Palliative visit with reiki: $300

In home Hospice/Palliative visit without reiki: $200

In home Euthanasia visit with/without reiki: $300 + after care

Reiki in person or distance: $95


In office visits (located in Enumclaw):

Acupuncture First Visit and Consult:  $190

Acupuncture Follow-up Visit: $90


Purchase 4 acupuncture sessions and receive a 10% discount.

Purchase 5MagnaWave PEMF sessions and get a 6th one free.




Payment is due at time of service. We happily accept Cash, Check, Credit Card or Venmo. Sound Animal Wellness can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

When we are providing mobile care please allow a 15 min window for our arrival time to account for traffic, etc.  If we will be more than 15 minutes late then we will let you know. 

Please request prescription and herb refills 7 days before you will run out of medication. 

If herbs are ordered for the patient. Payment is due prior to ordering and most of the time they will ship directly to your house. 

If you cancel an appointment 24hr or less there will be a $45 missed appointment fee.